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highlighted is my sarcasm [Sep. 22nd, 2005|08:44 pm]
[Current Mood |irritatedirritated]

grrr . . . I just read something that pissed me off. Oh well. so hmm . . . let's see HALLOWEEN is coming up and since I have this big ole' house to myself. Ima party down with my bad self. i'm so looking forward to halloween this year. like I have all these friends to do stuff with instead of like just one omg ugh. but yeah I went to a party this weekend and have a blst I danced. DANCED my ass off. it was awesome I haven't in so long. and the face that I was they with everyone that enjoys me was awesome. they all think I'm just the greatest. I crack everyone up. I'm becoming like the paris hilton of somerville wait strike that I'd rather be Nichole lol.

I got the sniffles. stupid parent. okay if your child is sick and you know it why send her to school to get everyone else sick too. Her mom has the flu and her lil girl had a fever of 100 the first day ( we sent her home) then she came back the next day was okay for the morning then at lunch she came and sat in my lap and said Ms. Joni I not feel so good. ( reason I'm sick now ) so I took her temp it was 102 so I called her mom and was like you need to come get her and keep her at home she came like an hour later which was almost release time, then she brought her back the next day. WTF so I just make sure I clean up everything she touches. it's kinda bad that I walk around with a can of lysol spraying it. washing her hands then my hands then keeping her away from everyone else. most of the time she wants to sleep so I get a mat and her blanket and pop her in the back of the room behind the kubbys so she can sleep. GRR STUPID PEOPLE!

i'm ranting aren't I?
but I can't stand snotty nosed kids. I get sick. literally!

[User Picture]From: nightchic
2005-10-03 05:49 pm (UTC)
so basically her moms an idiot? Geez get a frickin babysitter. Parents are so clueless sometimes
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