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oh the joys of field trips. - Joni [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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oh the joys of field trips. [Nov. 11th, 2005|03:02 pm]

How about I get to take the kids to the Pink Palace, all alone ( not that I minded because knew Robin didn't need to worry about it, because her grandfather died. ) I could handle it and I did. But, never again will this parent go with me/us whoever!! seeing that I teach preschool i sent a note home, because Robin was gone all week stating that I'd need help. there are 20 kids and I had alot of parents go I made a list of the kids who got alone and paired them up. all was great the parents were excited and it was going great ... well Thursday morning This mom came in wanting to go well that fucked up my grouping, so I let her go telling her she'd HAVE TO PAY WHEN WE GOT THERE! Well I put her and her daughter/ with one of our lil girls together. I asked her 2 times if this would be okay, she agreed. I then proceeded to get the kids on the bus. she was MIA well she had to take a smoke break which made us late because we were looking for her. Then we get there and about an hour into the trip she decides that she doesn't want the lil girl that she said she'd take I told her NO! You have to keep her because I have 2 of the "bad kids" with me. They aren't bad they just need watching more. So SHE LEAVES THE LIL GIRL ALL BY HERSELF IN A FUCKING MUESUM! I was freaking out!! so I take her with me then when we go to load the bus to leave. she was MIA AGAIN!! so I told her bus driver to just leave lol she was like okay will do then she comes running out yeah she was on a smoke break again. other than that I went really well I returned with all 20 kids lol

[User Picture]From: daynamulder
2005-11-13 03:18 pm (UTC)
oh my gosh thats so funny that you told the bus driver to leave.....hahahaha
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